Be a Caterpillar

catThe caterpillar gets the shaft.

Think about it. When was the last time you looked at awe at a caterpillar? Do people get tattoos of caterpillars on their back, wear caterpillar jewelry, or hang photos of them in their homes? I can’t say that I have seen any, however, I see a lot of butterflies everywhere on lots of different things. Even my business logo and offices are full of butterflies. We love butterflies because they represent the beauty of transition, and yes, that is important and amazing, but what about the act of faith the caterpillar was asked to take to become the butterfly? It is highly underrated.

It takes at most one month for a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly. They don’t question their mission, they just do it fearlessly and without looking back. They follow their purpose and execute it with no hesitation. There is no second guessing, no fear, no feet stomping, no complication. The caterpillar knows it’s meant to be more and it relentlessly finds it’s trueness. We can all learn a lot from the caterpillar. We can all approach our transformation in a similar way and with a similar focus, determination, and strength. When life gets hard, the leaps of faith we are asked to take call to us louder, but so do the doubts, fears, and negative thoughts.

How can we be more like a caterpillar?

Quiet the mind

The mind is a powerful thing. It’s an amazing thing, but sometimes, our thoughts can confuse and paralyze us from moving forward. The mind is a powerful data bank, similar to the hard drive of a computer. It only knows the memories, experiences, and information we have given it from the day we were born to this present moment. It is a deductive reasoning machine. Where the struggle comes, is when it’s something the mind can’t understand. Here’s an example. If I ask my mind if I will get killed if I decide to go and stand on the freeway, my mind uses the deductive information it has to process through the fact that 1.) The cars are going 80 miles an hour, 2.) cars on the freeway are not looking out for people, 3.) by the time the car sees me, it most likely wont be able to stop. The answer it gives me: YES. If I then ask my mind what my life purpose is, why God/Universe put me here in this life, and I haven’t given my mind that information, or I haven’t been given it, the answer it give me: CAN’T COMPUTE. The mind is amazing, but it has limitations.

The best way to quiet your mind is to spend 5-10 minutes a day in meditation or stillness. If you have trouble getting your thoughts to turn off, you can read my previous post with a technique I use here.

Listen to your heart center

So where do you get the answer about your life purpose, the reason you are here, what you can do to better navigate your life? From your heart center. The heart center (or heart chakra) is the area on our body where our connection to source and soul reside. Our soul knows why we are here in this life. It has access to our life blueprint and by strengthening our connection to the heart center, we can gain access to it to. We can bring into our conscious awareness the information necessary to begin to transform into the life we are meant to have.  This takes practice and work, but once you get to know the sound of your heart’s voice, it becomes much easier to allow your heart to guide you.

Answer the call

The caterpillar knows when its time. It gets the call to transform and it does. Often we get tugs, nudges, pulls, to want more. To do more. To BE more, but we don’t answer the call. We stall, we hem and haw, we rationalize, we are afraid, and we let our rational mind justify our way out of taking the leap.  The Universe is very patient, but the call rings louder, the pull gets stronger, and one day, we have no choice. If your call to transform has been ringing, its time to answer.

Allow time for the transformation

A caterpillar doesn’t turn into a butterfly overnight. It has to do the work to completely transform. Our process is similar. We have to make the commitment to transform our life, and we cannot expect immediate results. We also need to work, and work, and work again at removing the things holding us back. We let our fears, our logic, our negative self speak to take over and try to sabotage the transformation. If that happens, it’s okay. Start again.

The butterfly in you is worth the work.


This is easier said than done. I have designed a program that teaches you how to connect to the heart center and connect to your soul blueprint, so if you need help navigating life, taking those leaps of faith, or removing the negative barriers holding you back, I can help.

See my website or fill out the form below.


Living with Gray

laddereditedNo I’m not referring to Christian Grey for all you 50 Shades fans out there. I’m talking about gray. As in the uncertain, limbo, scary, gray.

For years I lived in black or white. Definitions. Things either were or they weren’t. I defined myself by as many definitions as I could to put myself into black or white. There was no in-between that felt comfortable, and if there was an in-between, I tried to find a “right” answer or a “right” solution to get out of the gray as soon as I could. Many of us live this way. We find definitions for everything.  We want so badly as a society to define dating, friendships, parenting, who we are. Well, what if you just let things flow? What if you allowed yourself to live in the gray? Scary, huh? That’s because as humans we are conditioned to know where we stand on the ladder of life. This is especially true when it comes to relationships. We want to know what rung of the ladder we are on. Are we dating? Kind of dating? Are we friends? Best friends? Sorta friends? kinda friends? Enemies? UGH! It can be exhausting trying to place ourselves and others in the “right” place.

But what if there is no “right” place? What if we just are?

Sometimes the Universe gives us people and situations to teach us to just be. Be in the gray. Be in the unknown. Be in the murky. We feel so connected to someone or something and it doesn’t seem to be progressing, but it doesn’t seem be going away either. We try to walk away (black), but the nagging on our heart strings stays. We then try to push the relationship or situation forward (white) because the heart tug must mean it’s meant to be, right? We try and try but it stays the same. Not progressing, but not going away. We do the dance all over again. Black, white, black, white. It’s exhausting, and puts us in a place far from happy. Sometimes we just need to accept that things are gray.  Just because there is no clear answer doesn’t mean that one won’t come, that things won’t change, or just maybe the answer is that the relationship or situation is here to make us comfortable living in the gray.

Ok Sara, I get it, but what is the point of being in this gray limbo?

Growth! Getting out of our comfort zone is the place in which growth happens. If we stay comfortable it creates stagnancy, and our contract as a soul on this planet is to grow. To progress forward and push ourselves through all those hurdles staring us in the face. One of the most important ways to grow is to be comfortable with the uncomfortable place of limbo. Knowing that you are not in control of everything in your life (Boo hiss) and accepting it. So many of us want to white knuckle ourselves to our life’s steering wheel. Is there free will? Yes, but there is also a greater force at work which desperately wants to connect with us and help us grow so we can get over our hurdles and have some peace in our lives. To do that you have to allow yourself to surrender to the process of being comfortable in the uncomfortable, and to the higher force that is guiding your beautiful life. It can be very scary, but I promise that living in the gray is liberating and grounding.

The next time you are faced with a decision try surrendering and allow the gray to dictate if it is more black or more white. The answer will come in the right and divine time.

Blessings and joy,


Holiday Cheer…or Jeer? THE JOY LIST!!!

The holiday season is all about reflection, love, thankfulness, oh yeah, and a little word called “Joy” :). The time when we visit those closest to us and share in the merriment of the season.  The spirit of the season abounds and we are all automatically supposed to feel good about ourselves, our lives, and our situations. If only it were that easy!  Many of us have lost loved ones, lost jobs, lost stability, or are just plain lost. No amount of holiday cheer is going to remove the loss in our lives.

I’m not trying to sound like the Scrooge here. I have always loved the holidays, but I have had difficult seasons over the years. Last year was especially hard.  It was the first year that I spent Christmas Day alone.  My ex and I had separated just a few months before and he had the kids.  I sat in my house watching sappy holiday movies crying.  Many thoughts ran through my head. Had I made the right decision? Will it ever get easier? How will this impact my kids?  This was before my intuition had developed within me and I felt so lost and alone.  I didn’t know how to make myself feel better.  Then something happened. I remembered a few Christmases before that where I had been thrown across the room after having said the wrong thing at my in-laws house. I said to myself “Thank you God. At least it isn’t THAT Christmas.”  Then I remembered the fat lip I got on my honeymoon, the backhanded slaps I received several times over the past years. “Thank you God. At least I am out of that situation.”  A glimmer of happiness came over me.  I went to the pantry, pulled out hot chocolate and cookies and celebrated with myself. I was NOT going to wallow anymore. At least I had found the strength to leave my bad marriage and make a better life for me and my kids.  On that day, the “Joy List” was born.  I often tell my clients who are on the verge of giving up or feeling low to write a list of things that bring them joy. It can be the smallest thing like sitting in the sunshine or drinking a cup of tea. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Whatever it is that brings you joy. Write it down. Then daily look at the list and do one thing.  It doesn’t matter how the rest of your day goes.  You will be able to reflect on your day and say “Thank you God, at least I was able to do ______.”  We get back what we put out. Our lives may be in desperate need of change. You may be at the end of your rope. You may want to give up, but if you find your joy, you will feel your peace.  The “Joy List” is the first step to do that. It will take time, but you will find it.

Happy Holidays!

Sara Joy

Unbelievable week

Hello Everyone!

It is just after midnight on August 1st, 2010 and I can’t sleep. I am going over my week and I can’t believe how it has gone. The only way I know how to get my emotions out is to write them and I figure that they can help someone else, so here I sit blogging when I should be sleeping.

People ask me often “how do you do that?”  when I tell them that I am a medium. My answer is always “I don’t know.” I truly don’t.  I have spirits that just come to me seeking to get messages to people around me. They come to me when I am in the store, at a restaurant, in any crowded place really.  I often struggle on what to do, but most times I tell them that I don’t want to relay messages unless the person has sought out the answer. I know how I would feel if some stranger came up to me out of the blue and said “I have a message from ________ who has passed on for you.”  I would FREAK out.  So, how this happens? I don’t know. I just know that I have been given a gift.  A gift I am honored to have.

This week has been a week of ups and downs.  My personal life has been a struggle but I am doing the best I can to understand that my life is purging out the old not good for me stuff to allow me to do my true life’s work. I have been thrust into this life of spirits and growth. I don’t fit into Corporate America anymore.  I have bucked giving up my cooshy jobs in sales. I didn’t want to give up my financial freedom. Hell, I am still paying off my student loans. I ask the questions that some of my clients ask me. I have many clients say “I want to do something else, but I don’t want to lose my financial stability.”  I am the first one to tell you that if you buck it, it will be taken away. The time for change on this planet is NOW.  People are being called. The rapture is happening except the souls aren’t going to heaven. We are creating heaven on Earth.  The problem is that it is SCARY. Scary to give up the security of the life and the structure we knew.  It is scary for me to sit here with no steady income, but knowing, always trusting that I will be taken care of.  And I have been.  

The more I trust, the more I am thankful, the more amazing my life becomes.  I got a call from a good friend of mine last weekend needing my help for a friend whose son had just committed suicide that day.  I called his number and tried my best to reassure him. I told him what I was getting from his son’s guides since his son was not available as he was still transitioning back.  I had no idea if I was right in anything I was saying. I guess that is nothing new, but this time, I felt such pressure to comfort this man who was grieving for his lost child.  I am a mom and I couldn’t even begin to imagine what sort of shock, confusion, and grief I would go through if one of my kids killed themselves.  I gave him the initial information he requested and he asked me to meet him on Wednesday at his home to do a reading with his son Ben. Let me tell you, I was nervous going that night.  I have done in home visits before, but this poor man had violently killed himself in the house where I was going and all eyes were going to be literally on me.  Could I connect? Could I help?  As I arrived, I greeted the family and friends who had gathered there to listen to all that I had to say.  I felt the love right away. I felt Ben right away. What a goofy, smart, prankster he was. His energy was refreshing and pure. I spent the next two hours helping the family come to terms with why and how this happened. Why Ben had chosen to end his life, and how he wanted to be honored. I could sense the energy go from sadness to laughter as they shared memories with Ben. By the end of the night there were no tears. There were only smiles as they realized that he was with them and he was finally happy. When I got to the car, Ben told me thank you for helping and how much he appreciated sending his message to his family. I drove home in awe of what had just occurred.

Yesterday was Ben’s celebration. I say celebration because that is what Ben wanted. He wanted everyone to celebrate his life.  He didn’t want anyone to cry over him because he is happy. He wanted silly string, fog horns, red clown noses, and Green Day.  Oh, and one last prank for his dad. He got them all.  I wasn’t sure that I wanted to go. I didn’t know Ben. I know Ben’s soul. I had been invited to attend, but I was hesitant. What if someone asked me how I knew him? What was I supposed to say? “I didn’t know him in life, I am the medium the family used to help find closure?”  Yeah that would go over big!  After some thought, I went. As I pulled into the parking lot, Ben came to me all excited that I was there. He informed me that I was going to be his voice today, and BOY did he talk to me! I missed half the service because he was going on and on about every last comment. It’s ok Ben, I forgive you. 🙂  There were a few people there that he had distinctive messages for, but other than that, I just listened to him. I let him have his say about his day. As the night went on, I began to really enjoy Ben. I laughed with him, cried with him, felt his emotions as he finally realized the love his family and friends had for him. The love that he was blind to during his time on earth. His mental demons wouldn’t allow him to see the impact he had on others.  As I was telling his aunt how much she meant to him, he told me that she had become his teacher since he crossed. She was teaching him how to feel real love. She was teaching a soul who had crossed over how to love while on earth. He told me that these lessons would be taken with him into his next journey on earth.  How fascinating that a soul can continue to learn from us even after they have passed.

As I went to leave, his dad approached me and told me that I had brought him closure and a life changing experience that he can never repay me for. Dave, you already have. Thank you for allowing me into your family’s world. Thank you for letting me know Ben. He will forever be important to me, and I can honestly say that he is now my friend. He is a pure, amazing, wonderful, happy soul flying over us in his plane with the wind in his hair. Thank you for allowing me to be part of that. Your family is forever part of mine.

All my joy,

Sara Joy

Brain Chatter Meditation

In many of my recent sessions I have come across clients who have excessive brain chatter. Brain chatter can make us anxious, tired, unable to sleep, worried, irritable, and unable to connect to our angels, guides, and God.

I have developed a meditation that can help eliminate this. It’s called The Bowl Meditation. Some of this meditation was taught to me while some of it has been adapted by my guides through working with my clients.   Find a relaxing spot. Turn on some relaxing music, or not. Whatever you like. There are no rules to effectively meditate. Now I want you to sit up straight and take three deep breaths in and out while counting to 15 as you exhale.  Close your eyes and focus on your head. I want you to imagine that your brain is sitting in a bowl. The bottom of the bowl is resting on the crown of your nose. The rest of the bowl follows your skull and holds your brain in it.  Now imagine each thought you have inside the bowl. I want you to focus on each thought and gently throw them out of the bowl. Do this until there are no more thoughts in your bowl. This could take several minutes or a few seconds. After you have removed all the thoughts I want you to talk to God and ask him for whatever it is that you are looking to know. Start with yes or no questions. As you ask the question I want you to focus your attention on your soul. NOT your head. Your head doesn’t hold any of the answers. It only holds memories from your lifetime. As you ask the question, think downward into your soul. You should get a “good” feeling when the right answer comes to you and an “icky” feeling when the wrong answer comes. The best way to describe this to you is to have you think of when you are looking for something to eat. Your body lets you know what sounds good and what doesn’t. Similar concept here. As you do this meditation more and more, you may start to get other messages than just yes and no questions. As you progress you will start to get thoughts that are not from you entering your bowl. Pay attention to these thoughts as they are messages from Source.

 I hope you find this meditation helpful to reduce the chatter in your mind and help you connect better.

All my joy,

Sara Joy

Welcome and About Me

Welcome to my blog! I am so happy to have you here! Everything happens for a reason and there is a reason you are here.

At the top of the Blog page on my website is the following quote, “The joy in life is to be used for a purpose. I want to be used up when I die.” George Bernard Shaw.  Every time I read that quote, I remember why I am where I am. I am supposed to help people find their joy, and I definitely plan on having used every drop of mine before I die. 

My joy in life is newly found and very strong.  I used to be a shell of a woman. Not any where near where God wanted me to be. I let abuse, control, fear, anxiety and sadness rule my world, my mind, and my life.  I thought it was what I deserved. I thought I was unworthy of love.  Boy was I wrong, and if you feel that way, BOY ARE YOU WRONG!!! Every human is put on earth to find love and give love. Many of us are stuck in the confines and the rules in this 3D world. The conditional love. The I’ll do this if you do that. I’ll love you if you (fill in the blank).  That is not how God intended love to be. As we move to the new consciousness coming in 2012, we are moving into a 4D world. One of unconditional love. One of absolute trust, honesty, openness, and one where love has no conditions. I never thought this kind of love existed. It does and it is here for all of us. I want to help you find this love. It starts with loving yourself.

Most of you who have found my blog have come from my website so you already know that I offer intuitive services. To some people these gifts are still rather out of the box. I understand that. It seems out of the box to me too sometimes to be honest. I remember the first reading I gave.  I was on a website where I knew no one that allowed people with gifts to practice. My friends had told me that I was intuitive. I didn’t trust myself, but I was curious. The owner of the chat room asked me what kind of readings I did. I had no idea. He asked if he could “try” my psychic gifts.  I agreed and he asked me a series of multiple choice questions about his life.  What kind of environment did he work in? What kind of car did he drive? Did he have tattoos? How many? Where? I had never seen this man nor did I know his real first name, but I knew the answers to the questions and I got each one of them correct. I was shocked.  I didn’t know what was happening to me. I grew up in a very traditional Christian home where spirit guides, meditation, oracle cards, etc. were not acceptable however now I was drawn to them and to believe in them. I was a psychic whether I liked it or not. I asked God what was going on.  The answer I got astounded me “You are of great importance. Many will hear your words and see your inspiration and it will change them, their vibration will change. They will be in awe of you and the love that will radiate from your soul. You will draw people in and provide great guidance for them. You will speak to their soul and give them the truth they are looking for. You do not realize how important you are.” WHAT? ME?? No way!!!

The gifts developed rapidly without little effort from me. Soon I had souls who had passed on coming to speak to me. Speak to their loved ones. I felt overwhelmed and crazy at first. Then I saw the responses on the people’s faces I was reading for. I saw their tears. I felt the love. What an amazing thing. Since that time I have helped people find their direction, their passion, their purpose. I have helped people at the edge of suicide, people battling addiction, people lost and in need of help. God gave me this gift to me to help you not me and I am honored to have it.

 All my joy,

 Sara Joy