Brain Chatter Meditation

In many of my recent sessions I have come across clients who have excessive brain chatter. Brain chatter can make us anxious, tired, unable to sleep, worried, irritable, and unable to connect to our angels, guides, and God.

I have developed a meditation that can help eliminate this. It’s called The Bowl Meditation. Some of this meditation was taught to me while some of it has been adapted by my guides through working with my clients.   Find a relaxing spot. Turn on some relaxing music, or not. Whatever you like. There are no rules to effectively meditate. Now I want you to sit up straight and take three deep breaths in and out while counting to 15 as you exhale.  Close your eyes and focus on your head. I want you to imagine that your brain is sitting in a bowl. The bottom of the bowl is resting on the crown of your nose. The rest of the bowl follows your skull and holds your brain in it.  Now imagine each thought you have inside the bowl. I want you to focus on each thought and gently throw them out of the bowl. Do this until there are no more thoughts in your bowl. This could take several minutes or a few seconds. After you have removed all the thoughts I want you to talk to God and ask him for whatever it is that you are looking to know. Start with yes or no questions. As you ask the question I want you to focus your attention on your soul. NOT your head. Your head doesn’t hold any of the answers. It only holds memories from your lifetime. As you ask the question, think downward into your soul. You should get a “good” feeling when the right answer comes to you and an “icky” feeling when the wrong answer comes. The best way to describe this to you is to have you think of when you are looking for something to eat. Your body lets you know what sounds good and what doesn’t. Similar concept here. As you do this meditation more and more, you may start to get other messages than just yes and no questions. As you progress you will start to get thoughts that are not from you entering your bowl. Pay attention to these thoughts as they are messages from Source.

 I hope you find this meditation helpful to reduce the chatter in your mind and help you connect better.

All my joy,

Sara Joy


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