Quickly making an internationally recognized name for herself, Sara Joy, has over 5,000 client sessions under her belt in a 5 year span. She is a go-to for medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, and counselors who want to provide their patients additional tools for their recovery and healing. She specializes in Meridian Energetics which allows her to get the energetic root of physical, mental, emotional, and social issues helping to facilitate her clients healing. Besides being a medical intuitive, she also offers readings and individual coaching. A dynamic speaker, Sara has a MA in Communications. She has taught college level courses, was a corporate trainer/coach for over 5 years, and is comfortable speaking in front of any size group.

She believes strongly in God and is so honored to have been chosen to bring his loving messages to help others. She lived for 11 years in an abusive relationship until she gained the strength to leave. It was during this time that her spiritual awakening occurred and her gifts began to blossom. Through her journey she has come to realize that her true life purpose is to help others find the peaceful and joyful place she now lives in. Finding your personal joy will allow you all the abundance in the world as we attract to us what we put out. She believes that anyone can find their happiness and inner peace if they just listen to the spirit within them. When we are at our lowest is when the voice becomes the loudest and the pull to be who we really are becomes the strongest. The messages that come through can often be confusing and the path to take clouded. She can help clear the way for you and help you find your joy and feel your peace.
In her free time she enjoys singing, doing art projects, and gardening. She lives in the Waukesha, WI area with her two kids, cat, and new puppy.

To find out more, you can visit her website at: http://www.joyfulheartwellness.com




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